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Megan is the most common fucking name ever , but its my name so i rock it ;p
June 1st , 1991 is the day you send me gifts
Brown eyed beauty but my hair color is constantly changing . Im a HUGE animal lover & i have an account for almost every social network . i have no life I have many obsessions && even more fears . Im a kid at heart but i know when it's time to act like an adult . i take pictures on the regular . Tattoos & piercings are an addiction . I swear i was a mermaid in another life . i love to swim ... i just love water PERIOD ! I speak my mind 100% and take NO bullshit from anyone . Im easy to get along with and i like most people . Dont fuck with me && i wont fuck with you . Family & friends mean everything to me . Im a stoner . I smoke weed on a daily . Bears are so beautiful . Im random . i like to dance & have fun . BORING PEOPLE SUCK ! Im done talking bout myself now .
BYEE (( :
SONG NAME - Taylor Swift

August 4th , 2013
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Fuck Love

after 5 years you would think id be use to this ….
nope . I still run & hide to cry .
Your idea of a relationship is completely different from mine && I can’t keep gettin hurt .

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